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          Row of damaged houses along South Van Ness Ave., between 17th and 18th streets.
          Earthquake and Fire Newspaper Clippings


          Death Destruction Have Been the Fate of San Francisco
          “Call=Chronicle=Examiner” April 19, 1906, Front Page Headline
          “Hundreds Dead!” – Daily News April 18, 1906 Front Page
          Mayor Schmitz Confers with Military and Citizens
          “The Dire Calamity and Greater San Francisco”
          Heartbreaking Scenes at Mechanics’ Pavilion
          Refugees Go to Oakland
          Earthquake Does Not Cause City to Sink
          Earthquake Times Recorded by the Weather Bureau
          Devastation in Cities of Dead
          Havoc at Park Museum
          Heavy Earthquake Damage in Sonoma County
          Hollister Wrecked by the Earthquake
          Nine Killed in Santa Cruz Mountain Landslides
          Orphans Driven from Their Shelter
          Plucky News Gatherer Sticks to His Work
          Telegraph Office Perched on Pole
          Vast Army Has Left the City
          Wife He Seeks May be Dead
          “Wisdom of the Dogs,” by Ernest S. Simpson
          “Wreck of City’s Buildings Awful,” by Fred J. Hewitt
          “A Fire So Richly Fed,” by Joaquin Miller

          Chinese Colony at Foot of Van Ness
          Chinese Crowding into Fashionable Districts
          Chinese Housed at Presidio – Later they Will Go to Hunter’s Point
          Chinese Protest over Moving Chinatown
          Chinese Worship in Ruins of Chinatown
          Fear Chinese May Abandon San Francisco
          Moving Chinatown to Telegraph Hill
          New Chinatown Near Fort Point
          Plan for a New Chinatown – Chinese Rounded Up
          “Asiatic Coolie Invasion”
          Mayor Schmitz Bars Coolie Labor for Reconstruction


          Chinese Cared For
          Harvest Time for Tramps
          Swindling Contractors
          Red Cross Funds Not Looted by Mayor Schmitz


          Fire is Costly to Uncle Sam
          Fortifications Shattered by Earthquake
          Great Work of Army Signal Corps
          Soldiers and Clerks Save Custom–House
          Scared Guards Shoot Horse
          Soldiers Three as Good as a Regiment


          $100 Reward – Judge Ward McAllister Lost
          Big Structures Now Planned
          Father Yorke Says City’s Red Tape is Bad
          Refugee Revolt at Lafayette Square
          Tar and Feathers for the San Francisco Relief Committee

          Alameda Building Trades Relief Work
          When You Go to San Francisco Seek to Relieve Suffering
          Mother of Fire Hero in Want
          Injured Firemen Recovering
          Lessons Learned from the Charleston Earthquake
          First Hostelry Rebuilt in San Francisco
          Little Light for Weeks to Come
          Telephones Soon in Operation
          Oakland Camp Established for Lost Children
          Rapid Freight Work Done by Southern Pacific 幸运彩app最新下载网址
          Complete Sunset Magazine Emergency Earthquake Edition
          San Francisco Imperishable
          To Reorganize the Fire Department
          Salvation Army to Help
          Many Suggestions Volunteered for Rebuilding San Francisco
          Some Thoughts on San Francisco,” by Charles Moore
          “How the History of the Disaster is Being Made,”By Prof. H. Morse Stephens

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