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          1906 List of Dead & Survivors
          As of July 22, 2010

          Thank you for sharing with us the stories and names of family members who were in San Francisco during the Great Earthquake and Fire of 1906.

          There has never been a master list of either survivors or fatalities in connection with this disaster; however, we are in the process of creating a list with your help.

          Below is a partial list of the names submitted.  We will be adding names quarterly.


          Adams, May
          Adams, William Porter
          Aebi, Joseph U. (or Aibi)
          Agiraky, F. Sanford
          Agnew, Arthur
          Agnew, Frank
          Agoust , Miss
          Ah Chung
          Ah Hung
          Ah Lung
          Albi, Joseph W.
          Anderson, Charles
          Anderson, Peter Stewart
          Anstay, Elizabeth
          Andrews, Andy
          Andrews, John
          Anorew, Andy
          Aebi, Joseph
          Archer, Thomas
          Ark, Jow Woin
          Armstrong, Dora B.
          Ashida (Japanese)
          Asmusan, Susan
          Austin, Caroline (Carrie)
          Axelsson Bacaluki, F,
          Bach, Mr. (no first)
          Bach (son of Mr.)
          Baessenecker, Mary A.
          Bar, Alta
          Bar, Bert
          Bar, Lena
          Barber, Mother of Arthur
          Barber, Father of Arthur
          Barber, Sister #1 of Arthur
          Barber, Sister #2 of Arthur
          Barber, Brother of Arthur
          Barman, Benjamin
          Barnett, Fannie
          Barren, Sara
          Barron, Sarah
          Bauer, Louis Bernard
          Baum, Joseph
          Baumeister, Annie
          Beauregard, Emilie F.
          Beger, Robert M.
          Beger, (wife of R. M. no first)
          Beger, Child of R.M.
          Belmont, Edwin
          Belmont, Emma
          Belmont, Ross
          Belmont, Ross Edwin, Jr.
          Benker (or Banker), Mabel
          Berger, Frank
          Best, William
          Bird, O.
          Bird, Walter F.
          Blagburn, Charles
          Blagburn, Maurice
          Blaise, Eugenia (Dentz/Dantz)
          Blake, Mrs. George
          Blake, (children Mrs. George #?)
          Blamey, Miss
          Bloom, Carl
          Bloom, Josephine
          Boch, William C.
          Bock, Pauline
          Bock, Wm. H.
          Bodemell, Frank
          Bodwell, Frank
          Boehmer, Marya
          Bolas, George Adolphus
          Bonifatto, Francesco
          Bonifatto, Maria Antonia
          Borchers, Frank A (Brotchers)
          Bordwell, Frank
          Botzbach, Andrew
          Boudrie, Alice M.
          Boutelle, Hattie
          Boutelle, John Frederick
          Bowen, G. A.
          Bowers, Jack
          Bowes. Thomas
          Brady. Harry
          Brannan, Henry
          Braon, George A. 55
          Bray, (son Thomas A.-no first)
          Bricker, Jacob B,
          Brochers. F. H.(Borchers)
          Brochiers, Frank
          Brodenit, Pat
          Broderick, child
          Broderick, (infant)
          Broderick, (female)
          Broderick, (male)
          Broderick, Pat (Brodenit)
          Broderick, Patrick
          Broderick, Perry
          Broderick, R. L.
          Broderick, (unknown sex)
          Brown, George
          Brown, Miss Katie or Catherine
          Brown, Rosa
          Bruce, Ellen
          Bruschi, Giuseppe
          Bucaluki F. (Bucaluski)
          Buck, Pauline
          Buckner, Jacob H.
          Budd, Wayman
          Bulkubon (no first)
          Bulland, Margaret
          Bullard, Margaret
          Burnip, William
          Bullard, Margaret J.
          Bullend, Margaret
          Bullond, Mary
          Burge, Frank 76
          Burger. Frank
          Burger, John
          Burke, John
          Burye, Frank (Burge)
          Bush, Albert J.
          Butier, Bozo
          Butler, Anna
          Butler, Bogo (Bozio)
          Butler, Ross
          Byles, Ellen
          Byrne, Margaret
          Byrne, Michael
          Callahan, Francis
          Callahan, Francis (twin a)
          Callahan, Frank (twin b)
          Callahan, Frank
          Callahan, Mary (nee O’Neil)
          Callahan, Patrick
          Callum, Bridget
          Canepa, Maddalena
          Canepa, Michelo
          Cantwell, Bridget (aka Gussie)
          Carlyon, Fanny
          Carlyon, Mary Ann
          Carr, William
          Carr, William 24
          Carroll (no first name)
          Calineff, E. (female)
          Carrick, William
          Cassagrande, Emmanuel
          Cassagrande, Maria
          Castillon, Leonard
          Chamberlain, Gerald W
          Charleton, Casper Eugene
          Charton, Sarah (Clarton)
          Chase, William True
          Chee, Lung
          Chesbro, Harry
          Chesbro, Hary
          Cheseborough, Harry
          Cheslick, Frank Packer
          Chic Chang
          Ching, Chung 38
          Chisbro, Harry
          Chong, Quing
          Cjele, (no first)
          Chowder, Mrs.
          Churchward, Milton
          Ciro, Rafese
          Clarely, Patrick
          Clarton, Sarah
          Clay, Sarah Luisa
          Clews, Harry (? Quake death)
          Clews, Harry*
          Clinton, Michael Clarke
          Cogorni, Madalena (Wife Conlon)
          Cogorno, Maddalina 44
          Cohn, Rose*
          Coleman, Andrew
          Coleman, Hugh A.
          Coleman (1st sister no first)
          Coleman (2nd sister, no first)
          Colly, John
          Compagno, Antonio
          Compania, Antone
          Conlon, Michale (Michael)
          Converse, Charles
          Conway, Annie L. (Anna)
          Conway, George
          Cook David
          Cook, Frances
          Cooley, Archibald Cranston
          Cooper, C. A.
          Cooper , J. K.
          Cooper, Jeannie E.(Wilson)
          Corbett, Cora Whyte
          Corbett, Verne Iris
          Corbett, Wendell (Wallace/Whalen)
          Corbus, Miss Sadie (Sarah)
          Corbus, Sarah C.
          Corday (or deCorday), Maria
          Cordioli (Baby Doe)
          Cosgorno, Madelina
          Cosgrove, Madeline
          Coulton, Bridget
          Coulton, Bridget (?Quake death)
          Covington, Asbury C. (or Asberry)
          Creighton, Patrick E. (or H.)
          Creighton, Peter
          Crone, W.
          Crosie, William
          Crowder, Lena (or Lema)
          Cullum, Bridget
          Cunningham, William F
          Curran, Mrs,
          Curran, Emily
          Curran, Thomas
          Currant Emily
          Daniels, Hiram M.
          Day, John
          Deane, Charles
          Debrunner, Mrs. M.
          De Laraenrelleni, H.L.
          Delaranelle, G. H.
          Delarevelle, F.F.
          Delareville, F.H.
          Delarevolo, G. H.
          De Leagher
          De Luca, Matteo
          Delucca, Matteo
          Delucchi, Dominico
          Deluchi. Matteo (Mathew)
          Deluichi, Dominico 60
          Delury, Grover
          Delury, James Francis
          DeRemier, Eugene Jay
          De Saeger
          Desmond, Frank
          Desmond (family of Frank)
          Desuello, Frank
          Devlin, John
          Dewitt, Charles Spencer
          Diffin, Robert Thomas Martin
          Ditardo, Antonio
          Dockery, Patrick
          Doe, Barlett
          Dollivan, Mary
          Donald, Andrew
          Donohue (John Doe)
          Donohue, George (aka Madden, Mabra)
          Donovan, Mary
          Doyle, John
          Doyle, (no first)
          Dratt, Andrew
          Dreyer. Otto
          Duff, Andrew
          Dulucca, Matteo
          Duning, Violet
          Eardley, John E.
          Earley, John (Jon)
          Earlier, John
          Ebbinghauser, W.
          Eleopoloa (male)
          Elipolas, James
          Emerson, Etta Wright
          Emerson, (husband of Etta-no first)
          Engen, Lewis
          Enger, Louis S.
          Engle, Mrs. A. B.
          Ephioso, Lizzie 18
          Esbey. Alma C
          Espey, Elmer
          Eugene, (no first)
          Fabian, Bertha
          Fabian, Lydia Thompson
          Fairchild, Daniel
          Faut, John
          Fauth, John
          Fay, Martha
          Feeney, Ann
          Feeney, Peter
          Fenner, Mark
          Fenner, Max (police officer)
          Ferris, Alexander
          Few, Alice Marguerite
          Fielding, Mrs. James
          Fink, Freddie
          Fink, Johanna
          Finch, John N.
          Finch, Henry L 61
          Fink, Harry L.
          Finley, Veronica
          Flarrety. Patrick
          Florance, John G.
          Foley, (unknown girl)
          Foley. James
          Foley, Mamie
          Foley, Mark Francis
          Foley, Mary Francis
          Footman, Anne
          Footman, John
          Footman, Kate
          Forman, Elizabeth
          Foubister, Cecilia
          Frazier, Louis
          Freeman, Mary
          Freiderichs, Rudolph
          French (infant)
          Friedel, J.
          Froule, Arthur
          Fulewiden, Walter Johnson
          Fundenberg. Eugene G. (Son M.E.)
          Fundenberg, Margaret E.
          Gage, Frances Reuben
          Gallagher, John
          Gallagher, Joseph
          Gamble, George Henry
          Ganon, Kirvin M.
          Garvey, Michael
          Gavin, Thomas
          Gerald, Annie
          Gesnello, Frank (Desuelo)
          Geti or Gets (male-no first)
          Getz, John D.
          Ghiorso, Mrs. Lizzie
          Gibbons, Catherine
          Gibbons, Joseph
          Gibbons, Katherine
          Girard, Edward 2m
          Goertz, L. (Gortz).
          Gomes (no first)
          Gonzales, Lucy
          Gorman, Thomas
          Gortz, Lorentz
          Goucher I William H.
          Grady. Mr. D.
          Graves, H. C. "Cliff"
          Green, George (several in Directory)
          Greer, Father
          Grey, Pearl
          Grimes, John
          Grimm, Ferdinand
          Griswolf, J. F.
          Gross, Mrs. Ethel
          Growder, Lena (Crowder)
          Gustavsson, Otto Andreas
          Gustavsson, (Otto A. family)
          Guy. Gustav O. William 38
          Haley, C. B.
          Hall, Lottie
          Hall, Miss Artie
          Hancock, John or Richard
          Hanley (1st brother—no first)
          Hanley (2nd brother-no first)
          Hansen, Albert
          Hansen, D. C.
          Hansen, Henry A. R.
          Hansen, Sarah 17th
          Hansen, Theodore P.
          Hansen, W. J.
          Hansen, William C. (son D. C.)
          Hanson, Henry A. R.
          Hanson, Sarah
          Hanson, William C.
          Hartley, Clara Louise Johnston
          Hartley, (husband Clara L.-no first)
          Haskell, Jack
          Haskell, (wife of Jack)
          Hastings (father-no first)*
          Haycraft, Samuel Edgar, Jr.(newborn)
          Healy, newborn
          Heaslip, Mrs. A.
          Heaslip, Mrs. Ida O
          Heffernan, John
          Heffernan, wife of John
          Heffernan, twin boy #1 John
          Heffernan, twin boy #2 John
          Heitler, L. R.
          Henry, Victor "Vito"
          Hequies, John G. 65
          Hermann, M. D.
          Hewett, Margaret
          Hiestel. N. A.
          Higgins, A. Houston
          Hirstel, (male-no first)
          Hirstel, Nathan August
          Hirstle, N. A.
          Hoeving, Jane Doe
          Hoeving, child #1 Jane Doe
          Hoeving, child #2 Jane Doe
          Hoffman, Harry C.
          Hogan, Frank
          Hoggarth, (John or Greg)
          Holderbecker, Peter
          Holderbecker, (No name)
          Hood, Charles
          Hooper, Joseph 1y
          Horn, Gertrude 2y
          Houston. A. (male)
          Houston, Mrs. A.
          Howard, Emily E.
          Howe, Emily Phelps
          Howe William (Howes)
          Hull, Horatio "Race"
          Hung, Ah
          Hurrell, Maria
          Hunt, (Mr.-no first)
          Hunt, Genevieve (child)
          Hustel, M. A.
          Hustell, A.
          Hustle (male-no first)
          Huston, Mrs. A.
          Hutchings, James David
          Hynes, John
          Ireland, J. Carr
          Irwin, Mary 30
          Irwin, Mrs. May
          Isaac, Marcus
          Ishada, Sadie (Japanese)
          Ishaida (Japanese-no first)
          Ishida (Japanese-no first)
          Jacaluki, F.
          Jacobsohn, (no-first)
          Jakzi, Jule
          James, Robert
          James, (1st son Rbt-no first name)
          James, (2nd son-no first name)
          James, (3rd son-no first name)
          Jennings, Margaret (Jamison)
          Jonald, Josephine (Larigla)
          Johnson, Edward
          Johnson, Edward B. 43
          Johnson, Guadalupe (Hernandez/Fernandez)
          Johnson, Harold 2
          Johnson, James H. (or Howard James)
          Johnson, John (child May & Edward)
          Johnson, K
          Johnson, L
          Johnson, Mary
          Johnson. Maud 26
          Johnson, May (wife of Edward)
          Johnson, May J. 31
          Johnson, Nathan W. 32
          Johnson, Nathan (Edward brother)
          Johnson, Sarah or Sallie (Beachy)
          Johnson, William (one of 3 listed)
          Johnson, William (one of 3 listed)
          Johnson, William (one of 3 listed)
          Jones, Jane Doe
          Jones, child (of Jane Doe)
          Jones, Nephi
          Jones, Urias
          Jonsdotter, Kristina Lovisa
          Jonsson, Samuel
          Jose, Richard J. “Dickie” (unborn child)
          Karl Adolf
          Karstenbrock, John W.
          Karstenbrock, wife of John W.
          Kasenfield, M.
          Katz, (male)
          Kealy, John J.
          Keeler, John
          Keetan, John
          Keiche, Johanna
          Kelier, John
          Keller, John
          Kelley. Annie
          Kelley, Bernard (or Burnard)
          Kellier, John
          Kellog. Bernard
          Kelly, Annie
          Kelly, Bernard
          Kelly, Joanna
          Kempson, Walter Nicholas
          Kennell, Frank
          Kennell, Fred
          Kerr, James
          Kerr, John
          Kettner, Emma
          Kettner, Ottilie
          Kim, Jee
          King, (male no-first)
          King, James Morris
          King, Patrick
          Kingsbury. Mrs. L. A.
          Kirchoffer, Jacob
          Kirkpatrick, Gerald Stanley
          Klute, Adolph
          Knapp, Elbridge
          Knowe, William
          Knutsen, Berghild
          Kohnieff, Mrs.
          Kornfield. John Doe
          Kornfield, N
          Kosenfleld, N. M.(Kasenfield)
          Kriegel,Virginia “Ginny”
          Kowitz, George
          Kowitz, Herman
          Krone, William 40
          Krouser, Rudolph
          Kroutt, (male)
          Kunz, John Doe or King, John Doe
          Kuroki, Children
          Kuroki, Haru
          Kuroki, wife Haru
          Kudorfer, Harry 62
          Lakura, Winse
          Lamerdin, Edward
          Landale, Alfred (Lonsdale)
          Lander, no first (Lauder)
          Lander, William, Nelson
          Landeron, Charles (Lenderson).
          Landers, (woman)
          Landes, no first (female)
          Lane, Robert (Bob)
          Lane, Daniel H.
          Lanelli, Louis 40
          Lapp, Mary
          Larigla Josephine 2
          Larkin, John Joseph
          Larrubo, Mary Elizabeth, 8m
          Latham, Anna
          Lau, Big York
          Lauder, John Doe (Lander)
          Lawless, Lawrence
          Lawrence, (no first)
          Lawson, Annie
          Lawson, Peter
          Lehivinn, Adolph 31
          Lehivinn, Finalia 29
          Lenderon, Charles (Landeron)
          Lenderson, Charles
          Leneve, Rose
          LeRoy, Henry
          LeRoy, Henry
          LeRoy, Mrs. (wife of Henry)
          Leuderson, Chas.
          Leveque, Gustave
          Leveque, Josephine Maria (Dober)
          Lewis , Agnes
          Lewis, William Kidd
          Lichtenstein, (Litchenstein)
          Lillemo, Maria O.
          Lillig, John
          Lind. P.
          Lind, Patrick
          Lind, Peter 31
          Linke, Paul
          Litchenstein, Abraham
          Litchenstein, Esther (child Abraham)
          Litchenstein, Johanna (wifeAbraham)
          Litchenstein, Morris (son Abraham)
          Loat, John
          Lolar, W. E 78
          Londale, Alfred
          Londall. Alf
          Lonsdale, Alfred
          Louis, John Doe
          Louis, L.
          Lowary, Hershel B
          Lowe, John
          Lucia, Maria
          Lund, Hannas
          Lund, H.
          Lundall, John
          Lyloa, Francis 8m
          Lynas, John
          Lynas, John (?Quake death)
          Lyons, Franklin Robert
          Lyons, Henry Gordon
          Lyons, Henry Gordon (?Quake death)
          Lyons, Vena Moore
          Lynch, Margaret
          Lyon, (no first)
          Lyons, Joseph
          MacCurren, Mrs.
          MacEachern, Archibald
          MacEachern, Archibald (?Quake death
          Mackay, Barbara (aka Arabelle ?Quake,d.)
          MacKay, Barbara (aka Arabelle)
          MacMullen, William J. (?Quake death)
          Magee, Patrick
          Magill, Henry
          Mahoney, Julia
          Maim, Ted
          Malichi, Lennon
          Manders, Henry
          Mannig, John
          Manning, George
          Manning, John
          Manning (f. no first name)
          Manning (m. no first name)
          Manning (b. no first name)
          Manning, Velma Adelia
          Mansen, (no first)
          Mansfield, (no first)
          Marco, Amelia (Amerlia)
          Marcus, Simon
          Markle, Jane
          Marso, Amelia
          Martolio, J.
          Massingill, Larkin Crouch
          Matich, John Stephen
          Matthews, Sarah (or Mathews
          Matoli, Louis
          Mauders, Henry
          McCann. (female no first)
          McCann, Mrs.
          McCartan, Jim
          McCarthy. Cornelius
          McCarthy, Elizabeth
          McCarthy, Elizabeth (?Quake death)
          McCarthy, Katherine
          McCarthy, Mary
          McCarthy, Robert
          McCarthy, William (family of)
          McClain, (McLair)
          McCormick, John
          McDonald, J.P
          McElroy. Patrick
          McGill, H. or Henry
          McGivern, Bernard W.
          McGivern (wife Bernard W.)
          McIntyre, James Benjamin
          McKeever, Dennis
          McKenzie, (male)
          McManus, Hattie
          McMillan, Edith
          McNally, Annie
          McNear, A. J.
          McPherson, Charles
          McQuerry, Thomas Benton
          McRobbie, James
          McShea, James Edward
          McShea, John Francis
          McShea, Margaret
          Mauman, E. C.
          Meherin, Mary Jane
          Melross, Samuel
          Menges, Samuel
          Menges, Samuel
          Mercier, Francis
          Merkle, A.
          Merkle, Mrs. A.
          Merkle (daughter of A. Merkle)
          Merkle, (son of A. Merkle)
          Merling, Andrew
          Merriweather, Mrs. A.
          Merriweather (daughter Mrs. A.)
          Messinger, John Henry
          Meyer, Henry
          Meyer, Hermann
          Meyers, Joseph
          Miles, Margaret
          Miles, Marguerite (baby)
          Miles, Mary (baby)
          Miller, Charles
          Miller, Francis
          Miller, Gladys
          Miller, Margaret Elizabeth (Gray)
          Miller, Rufus
          Miller, Mrs. (no first)
          Mills (Family)
          Mitchell, Mary (nee Kirk)
          Miyake (Japanese)
          Montgomery, Lulu
          Moody, Mary Ann (Winegar)
          Moore, William
          Morris, J. King
          Morrison, Emily Mclnerney
          Muge, Myrtle (Mugo)
          Mullen, no first
          Munro, Charles
          Munzie, Myrtle
          Munzie (child of Myrtle)
          Murglia, Martha18
          Murphy, Louis
          Murray. Mrs. Henry
          Murtha, John
          Murtha. Joseph
          Muse, James
          Myake (Japanese male)
          Myers, Joseph M.
          Myrake, H.
          Myrke, W,
          Nansen, Patrick Dockery
          Nasse, Richard (child)
          Naumann, E. C.(Nauman)
          Nausman. E.
          Neeb, William
          Need, Edward
          Nelson, Clarence P.
          Nelson, Mary
          Nelson, Peter
          Nelson, (no first-a cook)
          Neville. Chas.
          Neville, Geo.
          Newbell, Jane Doe
          Nicholas, George (Several G’s)
          Nichols, Geo.
          Nilsen, Ellen Regina
          Nolan, John
          Norberg, Lars
          Nourman, E. (Nourmane)
          Nourmane, (no first)
          Nourmann. E.
          Nunan, Frank
          Nye, J. Trophy
          Nye, Trophy J.
          Oberle, Joseph
          O’Brady, William (?Quake death)
          O’ Brien, Horace
          O’Brien, Thomas
          O’Callaghn, Walter F.
          O’Hearne, Martha McKeown
          O’Loane, James
          O'Nei1, Jack
          O'Neil. James
          O'Neil. Jim
          O'Neill, John Doe
          O'Neill, Paola
          O’Reilly, John Doe
          Onetti, Paolo
          Orndoff, Fred C.
          Orwitz. Benjamin
          Osterum, R.J.
          O’Toole, Cecille
          O'Toole, Cecil A.
          O'Toole, Mrs.
          Otsuka, George K.
          Paolo, Oneli (Onetti)
          Paris, Marie
          Parker, Miss Jean
          Parker, Jonas
          Parrott, Harrison (Harry)
          Parson, John D.
          Parsons, John D.
          Partridge, Michael Joseph
          Pearson, Jack
          Pearson, John S.
          Pearson, John F.
          Pedigo, Erasmus M.
          Peerman, Miles
          Pelisi, Jose 6
          Perisch, Arthur T.
          Perringer, Marguerite
          Petersdotter, Anna (or Peterson)
          Peterson, Annie
          Peterson, Carl Gustaf
          Petrig, Annie (baby)
          Petrig, Annie, (19 years)
          Petrig, Annie M.
          Petroff, Tony
          Petroff, Virginia
          Pfoertner, Heirich Wilhelm
          Pfremer, Gwendolyn Winifred
          Picasso, Emmanuel
          Picasso, Maria
          Pidgeon (no first name
          Pierson, John
          Pimentel (first name unavailable)
          Planer, George C.
          Plante, Joseph
          Plante, Susan M. (Archambault)
          Plimpton, Lion 3y
          Poalanelli, Raffaele 45
          Poe, Erastis Hayden
          Polanis, Anthony
          Pool, Daniel G.
          Poorman, Cosmos
          Pritchard, Catherine
          Pritchard, Elizabeth
          Pritchard, George
          Prochazka, Frank
          Prunetti, baby-father Emilio
          Prunetti, Herbert Jacob
          Puccinelli, Rinaldo
          Pulos, James
          Pulos, Javries 62
          Quested, Elizabeth
          Reagan, John Doe
          Rebi, Joseph
          Reece, Mrs. E.
          Reiche, Johan
          Reiche, Johanna or Joanne
          Reilly, George 7
          Reilly, John Doe
          Reily, (no first)
          Renan, (no first)
          Renzer, Mr. E. O.
          Renzer, Mrs. E. O.
          Rhodes, James Melvin (Tolliver, Melvin)
          Richards, Mrs. Elizabeth
          Rifese, Ciro (Rifesi)
          Riley, (no first)
          Ring, no first male
          Ring, Patrick
          Riordan, Frank
          Riordan, Genovesai Gladys
          Riordan, Hazel
          Riordan, Mary Phillips
          Riordan, T. P.
          Roberts, William
          Robertson, Alexander
          Robinson, Louis
          Robinson, Louis (colored)
          Roche, Theresa
          Rosenberg, (woman-no first)
          Rosenfeld, M.
          Rosenfeld, N.
          Rosenfeld, N.
          Rosenkilde, Hyrum
          Rossi, Louis
          Rudolf, James 10m
          Saeghier, Alberta de
          Saher (Japanese male)
          Saint.Clair, Gertrude Marie
          Sakamdah (Japanese male)
          Sakmada (Japanese male)
          Salmon, Bridget
          Sanford, (no first)
          Sarnbbo, Marie Elizabeth
          Sarubbo, Maria Eliz. (Infant)
          Schartan, Benjamin (Scharteau)
          Schinn, Adolph
          Schmuchert, Henry (Schmitkert)
          Schroeder, Hermann
          Schwinn, Adolph
          Schwinn, Linalia 29
          Schwinn, Mrs.
          Schwinn, Mrs. Emily
          Schwinin, Adolph
          Schwinin, Amelia (Adolph wife?)
          Seely, Charles O.
          Senetti, L.
          Sessing, John
          Shartan, Benjamin
          Shaw, Mary
          Shaw, Mrs Lucius
          Shay, Bernard
          Sherman, Lillian J.
          Sherry, Temperance
          Shioni, A.
          Shioni, (wife of A.)
          Shionin, A.
          Siestle, N. F.
          Siminie, James Andrew (Simminnie)
          Simms, J.
          Simpson, James
          Simpson, Margaret
          Skinner, Mrs. (no first name)
          Soper, Mrs. Levi
          Soutar, William
          Speegle, James
          Sproston, Emma
          Stafford, Jerry
          Stambler, Celia (Stamper)
          Stambler, Louis
          Stambler, Rosie (Stamper)
          Stanelse, William P. (baby)
          Staniels, William
          Stech, Pauline (Catholic Nun)
          Steel, George (Suicide)
          Steel, Mrs. S
          Steele, George
          Steele, John
          Steele, Mrs.
          Steenson, Dr. (no first name)
          Steinberg, Morris
          Stewart, Elizabeth Graham
          Stewart, Margaret
          Stewart, Marvin
          Stinson, Dr. J. Copeland
          Stol, George
          Stoney, Randall
          Strong, W.
          Sullens, Marya Emma
          Sullivan, B. D.
          Sullivan. F. D.
          Sullivan, Chief Dennis T.
          Sullivan, Kathleen (?Quake death)
          Sullivan, Kathleen
          Sullivan, Ramona
          Surubbo. Marie Eliza
          Szinki, Paul
          Sziraki, F. Sanford (Sziraky)
          Taggart, Dr. C. F. Los Angeles
          Taylor, Mrs. George
          Techenoke, Theresa
          Temple, Frederick
          Thomas, George W. (several G. T’s)
          Thomas, G.T. (one of several)
          Thomas, G.T. (one of several)
          Thomas, May
          Thomas, Maybelle 2
          Thomas, Ralph 28
          Thomas, Ralph (Two Ralph Thomas)
          Thompson, Lydia
          Thorpe, Gayle
          Tilden, Heber C,
          Tinetti, Gisuepe (Joseph)
          Tinson, John
          Tobin, William H.
          Todd, Mrs. Charles L.
          Tolliver, Melvin (or Rhodes, James M)
          Town, Albert (Bert)
          Toya, Baby Doe
          Tozer, Ada Jane
          Trapani, John
          Travis, Frank
          Treacy, Edmund (or Tracey/Tracy)
          Treadwell, Roscoe F.
          Trinkerl, Eduard
          Troute, Arthur
          Tyson, John
          Vail, William Cameron
          Van Acrer, Alphonse
          Van Court, Nathan
          Vanette, Elizabeth
          Van Saun, John
          Van Seicht, F.
          Van Slick, Mary S.
          Van Slyck, Mrs. Mary Jane
          Vare, William
          Vase, William
          Veitch, Stephen
          Venner, Mark
          Wakely, William Warren
          Wakely, William Warren
          Walker, George
          Walker , George (several G.W’s)
          Walker, G. W. (one of several)
          Walker, G. W. (one of several)
          Walker, Louis
          Ward, Julia
          Ware, William (Vare)
          Warren, John A
          Watson, Rixford I. (Robert)
          Weaver, Charles Henry*
          Webster, A. (woman)
          Webster, Annie
          Webster, Anone
          Webster, Frederick Rand
          Weiner, Fannie
          Weir, John
          Weir, John 75
          Welch, Frank F.
          Welch, Frank P.
          Welch, Henrietta
          West, Mary
          Whalen, Annie
          Whelen, Alice
          Wheley, John
          Whaley, son of John
          Whitaker, Mrs. Annie
          Whitaker, Tillie L. 25
          Whiteaker, Mrs. Tillie
          Whitman , Annie
          Whittaker, Mrs. Annie or Tillie
          Wight, Charles Monroe
          Wilhite, Elias
          Williams, J.N.O.
          Willis, George
          Willis, (daughter of George, no first)
          Wills, George
          Wilson, Clarence P.
          Wilson, Clarence Pomeroy
          Wilson, Clarington E.
          Wilson, Joshua (Joss)
          Wilson, Mary Frances (Nee Spence)
          Wilz (or Wiltz) John
          Won, Young
          Wood, Etta
          Wood, Etta daughter
          Worral, Francis
          Wright, Emmersoft
          Wright, Etta
          Yee, Wuy
          Zalizki, Jules
          Zanzi, Julius
          Zincke, Paul
          Zinke, Paule (Zincke)

          Unknown body # 1
          Unknown body # 2
          Unknown body # 3
          Unknown body # 4
          Unknown body # 5
          Unknown body # 6
          Unknown body # 7
          Unknown body # 8
          Unknown body # 9
          Unknown body # 10
          Unknown body # 11
          Unknown body # 12
          Unknown body # 13
          Unknown body# 14
          Unknown body # 15
          Unknown body # 16
          Unknown body # 17
          Unknown body # 18
          Unknown body # 19
          Unknown body # 20
          Unknown body # 21
          Unknown body # 22
          Unknown body # 23
          Unknown body bones # 24

          Unknown baby # 1
          Unknown baby # 2
          Unknown baby # 3

          Unknown 46? man # 1
          Unknown man # 2
          Unknown man # 3
          Unknown man # 4
          Unknown man # 5
          Unknown 40 man (Bert?)#6
          Unknown 40? man # 7
          Unknown man # 8
          Unknown 40? man # 9
          Unknown man # 10
          Unknown man # 11
          Unknown man # 12
          Unknown man # 13
          Unknown man # 14
          Unknown man # 15
          Unknown man # 16
          Unknown man # 17
          Unknown man # 18
          Unknown man # 19
          Unknown man # 20
          Unknown man # 21
          Unknown man # 22
          Unknown man # 23
          Unknown male # 24
          Unknown 40-50 man # 25
          Unknown 70-80 man # 26
          Unknown 70-80 man# 27
          Unknown man # 28
          Unknown man # 29
          Unknown man # 30
          Unknown man # 31
          Unknown Chinese man # 32
          Unknown Chinese man # 33
          Unknown, Chinese man #34
          Unknown Japanese man # 35
          Unknown Japanese man # 36
          Unknown Japanese man # 37
          Unknown, Doe, John # 38
          Unknown, Doe, John # 39
          Unknown, Doe, John # 40

          Unknown 30? woman # 1
          Unknown 80? woman # 2
          Unknown woman # 3
          Unknown woman (Nancy?) # 4
          Unknown woman # 5
          Unknown woman # 6
          Unknown woman # 7
          Unknown woman # 8
          Unknown woman # 9
          Unknown woman # 10
          Unknown Doe, Jane # 11