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          San Francisco History 1846-1864

          “Ranch and Mission Days in Alta California,” by Guadalupe Vallejo
          1846 – First Election in Yerba Buena
          1846 – Capt. Montgomery Ends Indian Slavery
          1846 – Gen. Fremont and the Bear Flag Revolt
          1846 – The California Bear Flag
          1846-1848 – Mexican War and the Treaty of Guadalupe-Hidalgo
          “Life in California Before the Discovery of Gold,” by John Bidwell
          Yerba Buena – Before the Gold Rush
          1846 – Lithograph of Yerba Buena
          San Francisco Gold Rush Chronology 1846 – 1849
          1847 – William T. Sherman and California Before the Gold Rush
          1847 – News of the Donner Party Reaches San Francisco
          1847 – Order Changing the Name of Yerba Buena
          1848 – “Discovery of Gold in California,” by John A. Sutter
          1848 – “Capt. Sutter describes the Gold Discovery,” by John A. Sutter
          1848 – William T. Sherman and the Gold Rush
          1848 – Military Governor Mason’s Report on the Discovery of Gold
          1848 – Thomas Larkin Writes of the Gold Discovery
          1848 – “A Rush to the Gold Washings,” from the California Star
          1849 – Street Map of San Francisco
          1849 – First of Six Great Fires
          1849 – Notice: Important Meeting to Form a Fire Department
          1849 – The Gold Rush and Anti-Chinese Race Hatred
          1849 – From the Diary of Alvin Coffey, African American '49er
          History of San Francisco Gold Rush-era Street Names, by Henry C. Carlisle

          1849 – San Francisco’s First Brick Building
          1849 – Miner’s Ten Commandments
          1849 – Commandments from a Miner’s Wife
          1849 – Gold Hunter’s Farewell to his Wife

          1850 – Gold Rush Stories of Pioneer Women
          1850 – “Discovery of Gold as Viewed in New York and London,” by Dean Albertson
          1850 – “San Francisco at Statehood,” by Katherine Chandler
          1850 – Slavery and California Statehood by Rockwell D. Hunt
          San Francisco Gold Rush Chronology 1850 – 1851
          San Francisco Churches of the 1850s
          Map of the May 1851 Great Fire
          1851 – First Committee of Vigilance
          Gold Mining Along the Klamath and the 1851 Indian Massacre
          San Francisco Gold Rush Chronology 1852 – 1854
          1854 – Gold Rush Mail Service
          San Francisco Gold Rush Chronology 1855 – 1856
          1856 – Committee of Vigilance
          1856 – The Hanging of Cora and Casey
          1856 – Committee of Vigilance Proclamation
          1856 – Judge David Terry Stabs a Vigilance Committee Policeman
          1856 – Memoirs of a Vigilance Committee Member
          1856 – Gen. Sherman and the Committee of Vigilance
          1856 – San Francisco Facilities in the 50’s
          1856 – Tour of San Francisco
          1856 – San Francisco’s New Steam Fire-Engine
          1857 – “A Practical Plan for the Pacific Railroad,” by Theodore Judah

          1857 – Sam Brannan Opens New Bank
          San Francisco Gold Rush Chronology 1857 – 1861
          1859 – A Tour to the Mission Dolores and Fort Point
          1859 – Memorial to the Late Sen. David Broderick
          1860 – Founding of the Pony Express
          1860 – First Mining Journal of the Pacific Coast
          1861 – San Francisco and the Civil War, by Charles B. Turrill
          1863 – Death of Lazarus, Emperor Norton’s Dog
          1864 – A Gold Rush Poem
          1864 – The United States Mint location at Fifth and Mission Streets
          San Francisco Gold Rush Chronology 1862 – 1865
          Continue to San Francisco History 1865-1900